Murder on the Orient Express

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Agatha Christie is an exceptional writer especially when it comes to her storytelling and projection of the characters.  The Murder on the Orient Express is just another testimony of that where she again mesmerizes readers with a great crime story.

The voice of Tom Conti in lead makes the entire crime drama more sensationalized. Not to take credit from the rest of his teammates, who were equally exceptional in taking this crime story to where it is today.

The story is of a train with cultural mix of travelers, where the train gets stuck in snow. The story leads all the passengers to be a suspect in a brutal murder that took place earlier. Detective Hercule Poirot gets his task to find the culprit, which doesn’t seem an easy job at all. Just like the other crime dramas from the author, such as Agatha Christie: An Autobiography and And Then There Were None the mystery and the charm in the story go hand in hand right till the end.

For the great detective Hercule Poirot, it was very much a routine journey for him on that luxurious and fully packed Orient Express train. But soon the entire scene changes when a brutal murder becomes the main talking point in the entire train.

Detective Hercule completely switches from a normal passenger to a detective cop and started investigating this mysterious murder, which becomes more and more complex with every clue that they get. The scene inside the train became too tense as the detective didn’t rule out any chances of this being a serial murder.

Therefore, all the passengers turned into suspects tried to uncover the mystery of this brutal murder, before the killer (assumed to be in the train) could strike again.


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    And Then There Were None


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