Narcissus in Chains

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Several issues fall like bombshells on Anita on her return to her friends and beloved boyfriends. Being out for so long from her allies didn’t hurt Anita in the least but it has brought havoc to the lives of her friends. Almost each one of them is having some sort of problems that only Anita can solve. Jean for instance is developing strange sort of powers that look tough to tame. Then there is a new leader in the wereleopard which attracts the attention of Anita who also is developing a strange personality shift.

Lust in Anita is finally taking over and she needs sex to charge her powers up. For this, she needs a supply of men at almost regular intervals. Richard a trusted partner of Anita in Circus of the Damned and Guilty Pleasures leaves her forever because of her lusty condition. She cannot control her desires; she can just cool them down through lusty relations. Towards the end, Laurell K. Hamilton portrays Anita coming closer to Micah instead of the rest of her friends because she thinks that he would be able to provide her what she needs.

It is a changed Anita that we witness in this part, she is less human and more of a vampire. Just like Jean, she cannot control the urge to develop in her; to satisfy her desires she can now do anything. Through Kimberly Alexis’ narration, it is clear that the Vampire Hunter is shifting her shape. Instead of hunting them now, she is slowly becoming a part of their clan which is bad news for humanity.


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