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Roadwork By Stephen King

The book has an excellent narration and also we see the emotion in it, the emotion of a man who is ready to fight against anything that comes in his path. The determination in the hero’s character no doubt is described quite well. The story surely shows that you show your maximum potential when your back is against the wall. We see in the hero the qualities that were present in the character of The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass. Though the story is not fictional but the intensity of the struggle is the same. The hero is also a real character as was present in Mile 81 All the feelings and the problems faced by him are from the real world not fictional. It is good to listen to Stephen Kings’ non fictional work creating the same level of emotion in our minds. The struggle of a common man and the pressure of upper class on him is something totally new that has entered in Stephen king’s world of mystery and awe.

It’s nice to a new observe a new chapter of Stephen’s work opening in front of our eyes. The increase in the severity of the problem and the mental state of the hero forces us to like him at any cost and we start thinking that he is doing the right thing by standing against the authority and it is his right to use any mean possible to secure his pride land. Also a nice lesson when we turn to it at night in a thinking mode that we should never let someone insult us in any way no matter who he is.



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