Sufficiently Advanced Magic


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    This fabulous novel is from the series of novels Arcane Ascension. This is book 1 and is creatively written and expressed by the Author Andrew Rowe. The author is familiar with the creativity and imagination that people look for.

    To make sure the readers of the novel and the listeners who own this audiobook may not be bored, it is narrated in the voice of Nick Podehl. The narrator has given the most impressive expression for those who want to get captivated in the story.

    Either you plan to listen to it in a few days or some may listen and complete in weeks, you will find the same interesting energy that pulls you towards it.

    It is about Corin’s Brother who entered the colossal tower five years ago. The tower has ever-shifting rooms that are also complemented with traps and deadly monsters inside.

    The Serpent Spire is not the place where everyone would survive. But those who survive will bear a mark for the power they will have within them.

    Sufficiently Advanced Magic

    The mark refers to the powers that are granted by the goddess and it will truly offer the most amazing experience for those who reach the top of the tower.

    But he never returned and Corin is ready to get to this tower and find the truths. bUt it is not an easy task and Corrin will have to find allies to help them go to the top. He will also need training and some resources to confront everything that is there in the tower.

    In case if Corrin succeeds, he will get the attunement and may find his brother. He is determined to get to his brother and he will try his best to do so. Just like the Six Sacred Swords and On the Shoulders of Titans you will always be thrilled to read on to these magical adventures.

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