Sword of Kings

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We are approaching closer to the formation of the great English Empire as the heroes are vanquishing the invaders one after the other. We have seen weak and strong rulers from both sides but none of them ever appeared to be cowards in any situation. Even when the rulers are deceived by their closest allies they have never tried to run away leaving the throne empty for the enemy. Bernard Cornwell in the voice of Matt Bates keep on telling us tales about the kings in a way that we are bound to believe.

None of the books ever reached to the point where we can call them sentimental or stories related to love affairs in the royal family. In Warriors of the Storm Uhtred is given a choice to select between the love of his daughter and loyalty to the throne, he selects rationally rather than putting emotions ahead of him. Now after the dawn of a new generation the trends seem to be changing for Uhtred but we always observe him evolving to an extent to which we never expected that he would rise.

His temperament is tested on the greatest of occasions but he never trembles, moreover at the time of stress he always makes wise decisions and never loses his rationality. At this stage we can consider him a perfect soldier and ruler at the same time. The traditional ways are still followed by him but does not rebel against the new one at any stage. Adopting change is the biggest strength that we can find in a hero and here we find it in plenty.




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