The Ancient

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The Ancient is the second book in the Saga of the First King series. It’s the continuation of the world of Corona.  It is a fantasy novel that would captivate readers from the beginning to the end.

The characters in this book are very complex. But author R.A Salvatore developed them and excelled pretty much in the world-building.  A lot of critical thinking has surely gone into the development of each character. It explains why the mystic world of corona seems to be a real world.

Erik Singer also captured the diction of each character properly. The book shows exactly how the author has carved an interesting story around intriguing characters, each with their own specific role to play.

As the second book in the series, many would think the story would become boring at some point. But, while Salvatore has made use of continuity very well, he has also made the book very interesting. From the storytelling, he made sure he carried everyone along and provided answers to all the questions from the first book. The narrator also did a great job by carefully picking the right voice for each character. It made listening even more enjoyable.

The book continues with the story of Bransen Garibond and his journey across the Gulf of Corona. Unwillingly, he had to get involved in a frantic war against Ancient Badden. The vengeful and merciless Samhaists are planning a serious attack that would leave Bransen and his people completely broken and devastated. As the only link between the wars, Bransen must find a way to stop the looming war. Otherwise, all those who live on the Alpinadoran Lake will die. Their survival largely depends on his success.




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