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Living an optimistic life is very easy but for those who don’t face any tragedy in life. When one faces a tragedy in life suddenly all the hopes around him begin to shatter. During this span of life if someone can spread joy and happiness for others then he is a real hero. A media celebrity and a true icon Alex Trebek here talks about the problems which he faces currently in life. The general public usually does not know about the problems which the media stars face.

People think that celebrities are the same in their real life as they appear on the scene but this is not always the case. Alex Trebek at the peak of his career received the sad news that he was suffering from cancer. All his dreams and visions vanished suddenly and although there was a lot of love shown by the fans it was never ample to fill the gap. He had to fight against the odds all by himself and now almost a decade of fighting Alex thinks that he is winning.

Not because he has defeated his disease but because he dares to discuss it openly in front of the public. Moreover, Alex wants to tell the people who he is from the inside and how life has been with him. Planet Funny was never so much autobiographical as this one. This book rightly tells us about Alex as a person from the inside, how he evolved in media, and who were the stars of the time impressed him greatly.

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