The Cat Who Wasn’t There


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    Jim has liked being with Polly all the time and he trying to keep her safe from the eyes of the evil doers. That has been his chief priority for a long while and during this he has solved some important cases in The Cat Who Moved a Mountain and The Cat Who Came to Breakfast. A tour to Scotland with his beloved was an extra spice provided to Jim and he was loving every moment of it.

    Then one of the passengers gets killed and the tour changes into a mission. Moreover it is reported that a thief has ran away with some luggage and the driver of the bus is nowhere to be found. Jim suddenly starts talking in a professional way because the suspicion lies on all the passengers who were travelling with him. Koko also starts acting in a strange way as he has not licked Jim’s photos before.

    The Cat Who Wasn't There

    Jim knows one thing i.e somewhere there is a secret that is waiting to be revealed. The love scenario is set aside and Jim has to side line Polly for a while. These interruptions have become a part of the routine for Jim so he does not mind. Thing which he does mind is the presence of a stranger near Polly.

    A stranger is following Polly and he is trying to get closer to her during every encounter. Lilian Jackson Braun has not given Jim a lot of time to think about his personal life because there has been a mission all the time. Although there is some action but the narrator George Guidall has not used an aggressive tone because the main character is not the type who gets loud.

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