The Dark Web

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The dark web is bound to make you curious even though you are not impressed with the literature at the first glance. The characters are not that much strong, as there is no hero figure that you see any where in any of the incidents. Still one thing is for sure that the stories are real or at least created by keeping the real incidents in the mind. The sins that the human world has adopted have no doubt made him something worse than humans.

Geoff White and Bernard P. Achampong bring to light almost all the hideous aspects of man like sex trafficking, frauds like hacking and then of course the secrets that are linked to the governments. The book hints towards the high profiled people as well though it never tells them who they really are but still gives us an idea that what such people do or can do.

Geoff White narrates the book as if he is narrating a news item but it does appear bad at all because the book is not an emotional or sentimental story like. Most of its part the book is an informative one like Ep. 1: The Birth of The Dark Web (The Dark Web) and Ep. 7: Cyber Crime Inc. (The Dark Web). The book is a good one if you want to know that what is going on around you and what this dark web is all about.

It also inculcates several fears or threat in your mind like a computer virus or the hacking of your personal account during midnight and the kidnapping of an unknown woman on the street.




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