The Dawn of the Iron Dragon

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Thirteen hundred years in the past the crew still tries to attain the impossible in order to save the future of mankind from the deadly alien fangs. This is the second one in the trilogy after the first successful part where the three friends find the group of Vikings that were appropriate for their task but the number and the resources still fail to fulfill their motive that was of course to build the Iron Dragon that can take them to the stars.

The two of the friends go to Europe to request the kings of different states to provide them with their most equipped minds possible and the third this time stays behind to make a strong base in Iceland, soon they hear that their base is under attack and as they try to return they also face a deadly attack of the hordes and Norsemen and because of this the two of them get stuck in Paris with only one solution and that is to protect and defend Paris if they themselves want to survive and continue their mission.

The story is a nice continuation of the first part The Dream of the Iron Dragon and it seems that in this part the three men from the past would have reached close to make the Iron Dragon if they would not have faced the deadly attacks from the neighboring areas which of course wasted a lot of their time. 

Robert Kroese has brought in a new intensity in this second part and through the creation of the Iron Dragon still does not take place and the future of mankind appears to be grim but the zeal of the heroes amazes us. J. D. Ledford narrates in the same tone which makes us attached to the series a bit more.    




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