The Guy Who Died Twice



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    Every now and then between the novels we find a short story which is exceptionally beautified with suspense and mystery. Lisa Gardner does this intentionally because she perhaps wants to break the routine or pattern of the series. This way the listener is refreshed and is not bored by the novels with the same theme appearing on the scene one after the other. The previous two The 7th Month and 3 Truths and a Lie  were undoubtedly successful. The narrator Kirsten Potter narrated the previous two as well and that’s why she has narrated this one with much ease.

    The Guy Who Died Twice

    D.D. Warren at the start of the story is quite sure that in her long career she has seen everything. She has been attacked, ambushed and then she has caught criminals and murderers with minimal of evidence. This case however strikes her in a most extraordinary way; a man just runs in the police station and claims that he is dead. Most of the people around think of him as a fool or someone who was trying to make a fool out of the police kick him out of the station.

    The incident becomes a lot serious after a moment or two when the man actually died with no reason to die. Warren is not worried that she usually is rather she is curious this time that how the same man died twice. She wants to know the reality behind the mystery because of which she takes the case and starts the investigation. The clues that she find fast astonish her and then the chill of horror surrounds her as perhaps the man was telling the truth but in a hidden way.


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