Deeply Odd


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    Audience was told at the beginning of the series that Odd Thomas is for both worlds, thus he works to save the living and the dead. For the last three parts Odd’s main focus has been the world of dead. Dean Koontz brings in some change to vanquish the routine pattern of Forever Odd and Odd Hours, Odd this time dreams of the living.

    Dream or the vision that upsets Odd this time is about three men who would be killed very soon. All three of them are innocent and thus saving them is very important but there is a slight problem i.e Odd doesn’t know who they are. Also there whereabouts is unknown to the one with psychic powers, person whom Odd recognizes in the dream is the one with the gun.

    The man standing with the gun in the dream once tried to kill Odd, luckily he was able to save himself and the bullet missed him by inches. Trying to find the three innocent guys on the street Odd comes to know of a strange thing i.e his enemy also possesses his kind of powers but he is one the wrong side of both worlds.

    Deeply Odd

    Novel has pure thrill, though no killing takes place till the last chapters but the threat just hangs on the heads all the time. David Aaron Baker uses whispering tone in some portions and on some occasions the voice becomes high pitched. Such efforts by the narrator keeps everyone alert at all stages. Ending of this book is real fun and one must not touch the ending chapter first because all the fun would be destroyed in this way.


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