The History of the Medieval World

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The History of the Medieval World is a nonfictional book written by Susan Wise Bauer. It is a book based on history where there are many lessons for us in the present world. The narration of this book is done by John Lee, who managed to make it a successful audiobook venture for the audience.

Right from the schism amid Constantinople and Rome to the upsurge of the T’ang Dynasty, from the birth of Prophet Muhammad to the Charlemagne crowning, this engrossing book by Susan tells a fascinating story of rulers, generals, kings and all those who have ruled in some capacity in this world. She also shared accounts related with the rise of kingship, which had its foundation on might.

But during all the years between the 4th and 12th centuries, rulers were bound to find the novice justification for their rule and power. This was needed big time by them in order to justify their military and political actions.

It wasn’t only the religions of Islam and Christianity, but also the religions practiced by germans ad Persians and even Buddhism were pressed right into the service of the state. This phenomenon spread from America right to the other corner of the world in Japan and changes religion.

The author Susan Wise Bauer has written a number of quality books based on historic events. They offer great lessons from history and allow us to make our own conclusions and also to implement in today’s world, wherever they best fit. A couple of significant books written by the author are The History of the Ancient World and The History of the Renaissance World. You will love to have them in their audiobook format as the performances are just so amazing.

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