The Long Lavender Look

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The Long Lavender Look is the 12th chapter in the Travis McGee novel series. It is a crime mystery thriller with magnificent stories of run and chase between good and bad as in an investigation scenario. John D. MacDonald is the author of this long series. He has many other books where audience had a great time reading or listening to those. The ones at the top of the heap arguably are The Deep Blue Good-By and Pale Gray for Guilt. The Long Lavender Look novel is narrated in the magnificent voice of Robert Petkoff. He is the narrator right from chapter one and the listeners with his performance never had any dull moment so far.

The story start with an incident where a beautiful young girl carelessly steps right in front of Travis’s headlights. Travis missed the girl but lands somewhere deep in a swamp water of 10 feet depth. As he goes limping all along the deserted road then someone coming in a truck takes a shot at him. He approaches a local sheriff with the complaint but things turned out to be worse for him. Travis himself get arrested under murder charges. He couldn’t help but just to ask himself: Is this what they all call the southern hospitality?

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It is a great returning novel of Travis McGee series and you will find John D. Macdonald once again at the top of his game. His style of writing is fantastic where he bring sin suspense, relationship, economics, love and emotion all in one. After going through this novel, you will become a lifelong fan of John D. Macdonald and his Travis McGee novel series. Member Benefit

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