The Teeth of the Tiger


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    Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. or just Tom Clancy is a renowned American writer of technically detailed military science and espionage novels. The majority of his work is set in or after the Cold War. The novelist had seventeen of his novels as bestsellers. There are 100 million copies of his multiple novels sold so far. His most promising and bestselling novels include The Hunt for October and Without Remorse.

    The Teeth of the Tiger is a suspenseful mystery thriller. The book is the opening chapter of the Jack Ryan Jr. novel series. Stephen Hoye is the performer in the audio version of The Teeth of the Tiger. The performer is not cut out for playing the novel characters so well. It seemed as if he is reading some poetry which made the characters sound dull.

    The Teeth of the Tiger

    The Hendley Associates firm is well into a productive business in bonds, stocks, and currencies. But, the true mission of the company is very much different. It was mainly for identifying and locating the terrorists. It was also a platform to deal with them in whatever suitable approach. Established with President John Ryan’s knowledge, “the Campus” is always alert in the search for new talent. The recruiters of the Campus were scattered throughout the military forces and several different government agencies. Three men were found who were just near to cross their scanner.

    The Teeth of the Tiger is not among the best novels that Tom Clancy has published. It is not bad either. It is somewhere in between. If you consider this novel individually without the Tom Clancy tag then you might find it worthy of investing in your time.

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