The Vanishing

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Whatever comes out of the mind and pen of Bentley Little is sure to scare you at night. The author has created such horrifying stories in the past that most of the children cannot bear such things. It is better to keep such stories away from the hands of the kids, while for the adults who have the courage to dare can enjoy these sensational stories again and again.

The Summoning and Gloria had stories about vampires and the reawakening of the dead. Both these stories had a serious talk about the dead bodies which was narrated by John Pirhalla. Here John Pirhalla again narrates in the same way because the story had the same kind of chill in it. It starts with the appearance of dead bodies and the warning is also attached to these dead bodies.

First the CEO of a renowned company record a video of a slaughter and at this time most of the people think that the man had actually gone crazy. Though the man warns everyone that it is just the beginning of what is to come later on but no one pays attention on the warning. Then in the second phase a woman gets a strange letter written by her husband. The letter too had blood all over it.

Later the kids of the town just start going mad and there is nothing that can be done to stop this rampage. Carrie and Brain decide to get to the core of the matter but as they go closer they think that they have made a big mistake because their end might be drastic.

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