Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing Audiobook

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Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

As is the name indicates, this book consists f the thoughts to make sure you will be indulged in the truthfulness and purity of the teaching of the Bible. The Authors of The Jesus Storybook Bible, Song of the Stars and The Story of God’s Love for You give you a perfect compilation of the best thoughts in a way that it seems like you are talking and conversation and hearing someone as if the person is talking to you that touches your heart and soul in a deep way.

All the thoughts, saying and quotes mentioned in this simple yet soul touching way that keeps you in touch with the truthful teachings of the Bible. The books I perfect if you need to keep up with the pure preachers who describe the sayings in an easy and understandable manner.

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

These 101 sayings and heart soothing sayings are a great source of tranquility and to bring your closer to the God. You may listen to them or let your family listen at bedtime or when you have time to spend with your family to have some calm conversation and discussion about the truth of this life.

The book has been compiled by the Sally Lloyd Jones and is beautifully narrated in a soothing voice by David Suchet. The voice in this audiobook is truly mesmerizing as are the words that keep you attached to the flow of these sayings and you cannot resist to leave them without listening to the whole book.


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