Tom Clancy Under Fire

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Tom Clancy Under Fire is an action & adventure novel. The book is the second installment in the Jack Ryan Jr. novel series. It is written by Grant Blackwood. He is an excellent writer of mystery thrillers. Tom Clancy Duty and Honor is one of his most remarkable novels.

The vocal performance of Tom Clancy Under Fire is done by Scott Brick. He is simply one of the best narrators around. The performance in this chapter was quite special by Brick.

Jack Ryan Jr. was on a lunch meeting with Seth Gregory, one of his oldest friends. It was a routine gathering of the intelligence agencies in Tehran. Seth Gregory was an engineer who was overseeing a large-scale transcontinental project. Just as they part, Jack Ryan Jr. was handed over a key by Seth along with a perplexing message.

The very next day, Jack Ryan Jr. was beckoned to an apartment where a couple of men told that Seth has vanished. He has gone to the ground with some funds to accomplish a critical intelligence operation. The oldest friend of Jack Ryan Jr. has turned, they insisted.

The let goes Jack with a strong warning: If you get any news about the whereabouts of Seth then contact us immediately. Jack was also warned about staying away from the ongoing matter. But, they were not knowing anything about Jack. He would never leave his friend when he needs some support.

The novel didn’t manage to hold the interest of the listeners by halfway. The ending was also a little abrupt. This is certainly not the best from the Jack Ryan saga.

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