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    Finally a tournament has come to the underworld but it is not the tournament that might end up in merry sport for all. It is the tournament that might end up in the death of one competitor as it is a sort of death match. A match we have been waiting for a long time. It is something of which we heard so much about in Black flame and Sky sworn.

    The whole story seems to revolve around this main event. Lindon has been trying and practicing hard for this fight against a monster type of a creature. And it is not just Lindon’s fight all around the underworld different clans are practicing hard for the tournament as it is official and it will result in great fame and trophy is also a unique gift.


    The people of the Blackflame tribe are once again welcomed into the competition but they are not well prepared because of lack of practice. A special training ground is however allotted to them as a good gesture. For Lindon the whole competition is an opportunity that could take him where he wanted to go all these years. Will Wight has united the previous parts quite well in this one and no doubt the writer always remains successful in making his stories a compact whole.

    The parts sooner or later are bound to merge in one another giving the series a shape of one stream. Travis Baldree on the other hand is going fine though there were some weak segments in the initial parts but after that everything in the story is portrayed almost perfectly by the narrator.

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