Vengeance in Death

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Technology in the hands of a psychopath makes things worse for everyone around as the locality finds one dead body after the other. Both dead bodies are found in their own houses which mean that the killer knew about a way in and out of the house. Also the killer had ample time to remove all the clues near the dead bodies.

The killer seems to be enjoying each of his prey as he weaves new misleading patterns for the police as well. Each time the police reach the scene the war is already over for the poor victim. Eve takes the case really seriously when the history of the victims relates to her husband Roarke and thus he proves to be the next on the list for the murderer. It appears that the killer is killing Irish men and women with innovative techniques after punishing them cruelly.

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The Dublin secrets are told in the voice of Susan Ericksen who uses an Irish tone especially for this sixth book, the narrator also gives Eve Dallas a mature tone which shows that she is not the same girl we saw in Naked in Death. She starts thinking about Roarke in a more reasonable way instead of falling for his seductive techniques.

Love, friendship and personal benefits intermix so much that we fail to conclude that whether our relation was a true one or not. Eve starts assuming that her marriage was after all a set up from Roarke who wanted her protection after all.

At the same time her heart tells her to investigate much deeper so that she would be able to save herself and her marriage that is the only relation that is left in her life.


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