A Reaper at the Gates

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Sabaa Tahir is an American novelist with expertise in fantasy fiction novels. She comes up with a range of beautiful novels which are for teen and young adult audience. Her fiction involves romance as well which makes them quite exciting for the younger audience. The subject novel. A Reaper at the Gates is just one of them. The book is chapter 3 of An Ember in the Ashes novel series. If you want to explore the archives of Sabaa Tahir a bit deep then you will find A Torch Against the Night and A Sky Beyond the Storm as her best novels.

The cast in this audio novel includes Fiona Hardingham, Maxwell Caulfield, Katherine Lee McEwan, and Steve West. All of them played their role quite well and managed to maintain the individuality and significance of all the characters involved.

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The Blood Shrike, Helene Aquilla is quite desperate to defend the life of her sister. On top of that, she is also concerned about the lives of everyone living in the Empire. But, she is well informed that the danger is lurking on every side of the Empire. Emperor Marcus is troubled by his past and he gradually grows violent and unstable. On the other hand, the ruthless Commandant, Keris capitalizes the volatility of the Emperor to double her power. This was the case despite the bloodshed that she has left behind in her path.

The novel is quite thrilling and tempting which you will find quite hard to put down. The readers would find it as one of the finest novels for summer or weekend read or listen.


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    A Torch Against the Night

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