Earth Unleashed

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Finale is reached without any delay this time which saves the fans from boredom that they felt a little bit in Earth Lost and Earth Rising.  Here it can be observed that although the series was continuing with the same heroes but every fourth book the author Daniel Aresnon was changing the enemy.

The theme remains the same which provides the apparent unit of plot to the twelve books. Each time the enemy appears in a gigantic way and human race first goes into the shackles or defending mode and when the find no way out the just burst out of that shackle. The beast with the humans awake and they come with a power and potential that can tear the alien planets down.

Sadly this season makes the robots of their own planet their enemies and they have to destroy their home world a little to get hold of the things. Also this time they would be destroying the creations of their own men. The old heroes still fight like the old school as they search for the source that is creating such havoc among the gadgets.

Luckily they find the electric god that is creating such hell for all. Deep in space the monster lie that has the ability to get hold of everything that looks like a machine and destroying it can solve everything but reaching it is an issue for the heroes. The narrator Jeffrey Kafer shifts to war gear and uses a lot of hue and cries, sounds which show that the people around are in a lot of pain and anguish because of the calamity that has fallen on them.

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