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I Am Number Four

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Pittacus Lore begins the novel with hero number four, this makes us curious about the title and we think that where the first three are. Well answer to this thing is simple; the novel starts with number four because the first three have been slaughtered along with their protectors. Nine kids came from Lorien to earth with two purposes in hand. The first was to hide from the enemy and the second was to find a place to train so that they would be able to perform when the need arises.

The kids were not like the ordinary kids of the earth, they were with superpowers and unique talents. Their superpowers tended to grow even more with their growing age so hiding was the perfect choice for them. Hiding in different countries of the world didn’t prove helpful because the enemy finally knows about their hideouts. Number one was shot in Malaysia and numbers two and three were eradicated in England and Kenya. Number four became the hot target after number three but till then he had attained much of his powers.

I Am Number Four

His protector was killed in the first attack but he got help from two of his friends and his trusted dog which transforms into something else when the need arises. The novel ends with the survival of the two heroes and they set on a journey to find others like them. The Power of Six and The Rise of Nine will introduce more kids with superpowers and number four looks to be leading the gang in the final chapter of the novel. Neil Kaplan’s narration looked nice but at different spots, the breaks looked odd and it appeared that it was intentional.

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    2 thoughts on “I Am Number Four”

    1. Just asking any and all that has listened to I Am Number Four, did anyone else had issues with the chapters (starting at chapter 20 and onward) beginning at Part 2 of the book all being in the wrong order?
      Mine went as follow: chapter 17, 18, 19, End of Part 1, then continued on: Chapter 20, 34, 33, 32,…., 23, 22, and finally ending with Chapter 21. .., only reason I caught it, was because I’ve read this, and basically all of the Pittacus Lore’s book. Hopefully someone that is able to fix this unfortunate mishap will see this comment and fix it properly for future listeners. This little problem can be confusing for someone new to this book.


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