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Laurann Dohner has not tried to change the basic themes of these stories very much over the years. Every part of the series till this one depicts the story of a male from New Specie establishing a relation with the female from the human world. Also in most cases like Fury and Slade, the relation is intentional. First, the female partner arouses the passion of sex and then the male from New Specie takes over. The good thing till now is that although the author has not tried anything different the series has remained appealing as ever to this very day. Perhaps the audience’s liking for these themes forced Dohner to keep harping on the same thing.

Allison Baker in the opening chapter of this novel shows her crush for the male of the New Specie who is in a state of coma. Being a scientist Allison tries everything in her knowledge to bring the male numbered as 880 to his senses but she fails. Being left with only one solution to break the coma she flees away with the male from the compound. After that, she puts him in her bed and tries to arouse the feelings of lust and sex in him. The dangerous scheme of Allison works and she remains successful in bringing the New Specie to his senses once again.

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Obsidian however does not rise in a happy mode and especially seeing a human with him in bed is not a happy sensation for him. The male seems to be geared up for the battle against those who once took his life away from him at the same time he starts developing a soft corner in his heart for Allison. Vanessa Chambers provides the usual tones in the narration which have become a fan favorite now.

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