The 23rd Midnight


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The 23rd Midnight – A Women’s Murder Club Thriller

The Murder Club is back in business and the trio is not in a good mood because they thought that they will not be seeing Evan Burke’s cases again in their life. Burke was the man that they put behind bars many years ago as the man was involved in more than one murder. Detective Lindsay Boxer kept in mind all the details of the killer and then solving the riddles behind the clues, she was able to reach her destination.

She made the police able to put Burke behind bars for good. After that, no murder took place in the city and the entire city came to know about the case through the book which Cindy Thomas wrote about the case. The book also became a bestseller within no time so everything got well for the two ladies. No years later someone is repeating the same crimes again and it seems that killer is taking the help of the book which Cindy wrote.

The 23rd Midnight

Moreover, the killer is bringing innovation to the crime scenes too which proves that he is not normal at all. James Patterson and Maxine Paetro have worked together in the past and books like Triple Cross have come out of their pens too. Here the two have provided a few master strokes too for this part of the series.

The Murder Club comes together after a long time and it is clear that someone is actually trying to tease them and the killer wanted to bring the band together for some special purpose. Also, there is a chance that the criminal is also eyeing Lindsay as his next victim.


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