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Kimberly Alexis narrates the fourth part of the series which started with action, later the author Laurell K. Hamilton added complicated love themes in it. Anita Blake the so-called vampire hunter has become a strange sort of creature now after falling in love with different men and monsters. Jean was the first that Anita got attracted to in Guilty Pleasures then she met the teacher named Richard in Circus of the Damned. Those two loves burned her up from the inside. During such a situation going to a werewolf was not part of the plan but then she had to answer when she was called for help. The leader of the werewolves called her because of some missing members that he wanted to retrieve.

Also, Richard being trapped in the enemy lines was not an option for Anita. Already with a murder case in hand, the lady gets in to mess with her personal as well as professional life. Anita proves to be the only one who is helping all the species present on the strange land. To many of the fans, the whole thing is strange because she should be the one chopping their head down, instead she is serving them.

Moreover, she is falling for their leaders, at this time she has three boyfriends and she is equally crazy about all of them. The future in such conditions looks grim for the lady, sooner or later she has to choose between all the options that are present in front of her. Choosing an option would also mean choosing a side in the upcoming battle for survival between all the races.


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    Circus of the Damned

    Bloody Bones


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