The Shadow Glass

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A great ending to an epic series that has touched the hearts of its listeners and no doubt has gained a permanent place in the memory attic. Rin Chupeco starts telling us about the downfall of the bone witch that has showcased the first two parts. In these we are told about her emergence. As she brings down her rivals one after the other and bringing to life those that she loved or needed for the battle.

This time however in the final chapter Tea’s own magic is eating her up as her heart glass is being consumed more and more. Because of the dark magic and such a scenario she has only one aim left in life i.e to bring to life the one she loves the most. Not giving an ordinary life but infusing him with immortality, so that he could be in the world forever and Tea is not afraid to sacrifice her life for it even.

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The quest for the shadow glass is also for the sole purpose of giving the dear one immortal life. But this thing will not only cost Tea her life but also everything that she once created including her kingdom the strongest among the eight kingdoms.

The dark magic and its description resemble the stories like The Bone Witch and The Heart Forger by the same author. However the element of sacrifice is something new and really heart touching as striving to achieve her goal. Most of the time even with all her powers she appears to be powerless at the hands of fate.

There are two narrators in the narration department, Emily Woo Zeller and Will Damron, both have done a fabulous job in this final chapter of a superb series. Member Benefit

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