Without Fail

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The most famous and wanted person once again comes on the screen as we witness another mission of Jack Reacher. The start, as well as the story, is a little different this time but the mission is again of a gigantic nature as it relates to the killing of the vice president of the United States.

Lee Child in this part of the masterpiece, which the writer has been weaving for quite some time now has used an entirely different technique of providing the reader with clues, the writer no just tells us about the clues, the clues hit our face as they are thrown at us all the time and of course this way we cannot miss them at all. The thrill is the same that can be felt in the books   Tripwire, Past Tense and the action is always plenty in the Reacher series.

This time the agency hires Jack to detect the loopholes in their plans of securing the vice president as he is the best one for the job when it comes to finding weaknesses in a security system and thus he has to find all the weaknesses before the killer who also had everything chalked out for the disposition of the vice president.

The novel is our all a good choice for the weekend especially for those who have seen the movie as well. Dick Hill was the right choice for the narration as this thriller needed an active narrator with an active approach toward the story, the pauses, rise and fall everything is well tailored along with other things like characterization and plot.    



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