1912: Short Works Collection



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    Contained within these literary pages is an anthology meticulously curated by Bellona Times, a collection that resonates with the echoes of the year 1912. Within its expanse, a diverse array of public domain works, both born within and before 1923, intertwine to create a captivating tapestry that offers glimpses into the past.

    1912: Short Works Collection

    While the collection’s thematic focus leans towards non-fiction, the diversity of its offerings extends beyond the confines of a single genre. This compilation stands as a tribute to the literary heritage of the era, encompassing not only essays, articles, and scholarly works, but also short stories, poems, and one-act plays. Each piece, a reflection of the times it emerged from, contributes a unique brushstroke to the larger canvas of human thought and expression during the epoch.

    The guiding hand of Bellona Times, the compiler of this treasury, deftly navigates the annals of history to bring forth these gems from yesteryear. As the listener embarks on this auditory journey, the voices of proof-listeners Betsie Bush and Tricia G. echo their commitment to ensuring the fidelity of the collection.

    In its entirety, this anthology stands as a testament to the richness of literary creation during the year 1912, weaving together a mosaic of voices that not only illuminate the period but also resonate with the timeless aspects of human experience.


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