A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens has usually written stories in which we can find some autobiographical elements. Great Expectations had a lot from Dickens’ own childhood. This one is a fantasy and has a moral lesson along with a way to invoke the Christmas spirit. Ebenezer Scrooge happens to be someone who wants to save money at all costs. When his clerk tells him that it’s cold outside and there is no coal for the chimney, he just does not reply properly.

Scrooge’s nephew comes to his home to greet Christmas but he does not reply properly. Even when the nephew invites him to the Christmas party he refuses the proposal and considers it something less important. To those who ask for the treat on Christmas Eve, Scrooge shows hatred to the maximum level.

When the man returns to his home, he is visited by the ghost of his partner who had died recently. The soul of his partner was not in a good condition at all and it seems that he had been punished heavily.

He told Scrooge that he has been thrown out of the heavens and now he will have to suffer forever. He came to Scrooge to warn him so that he could leave all the greed. Then Peter Batchelor narrates the arrival of three spirits that gradually change the perception of the main character about Christmas. In the end, we meet a transformed individual who has been blessed with a new Christmas spirit. Keep it in mind that it is not like Our Mutual Friend so don’t mix it with any of the other books by the same author.

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