Magician’s End

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End of one of the most widely read fictional saga in the world of today, a series that started with masterpieces like Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master now ends.

A character that was there in all the parts and showed his worth too in each part was the one from which the story started. Pug a common orphan boy became the most famous magician of the land and not only this he saved the land from foreign and local enemies whenever the need aroused. Chaoswar has however eaten everything up and the land after the invasion is without a king. This means that the throne is vacant and anyone can get the opportunity to be in the king’s seat.

Hal and his brothers know that the situation is really terrifying that’s why they gather all of their allies and friends and try to crown a new king as quickly as possible. Still the brothers need the master magician back on their side and he is still missing. The author Raymond E. Feist trapped Pug and his son Magnus is a separate realm and their battle still continues.

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They know that they have to come back to the land in time but for this Pug has to play with fire once again; this might cause him his life as well. John Meagher gets the chance as a narrator to wind up everything in the series that has remained fan favorite for three decades. The series had love, action and magic in plenty in all the parts, also emotions and high drama never left it.  For the old fans each book of the series is a relic that can be preserved on the bookshelves for years. Member Benefit

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