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Finally the trilogy related to the Seven Isles has approached and it has been a fabulous series without any doubt at all. Alexander was never prepared for all of that which he has faced over the years. His family kept everything hidden from him till the day when the reality got revealed automatically to him. He had no other option except to embrace his fate and start on the tough path that was chosen for him by his ancestors. Now he knows almost everything about the hidden worlds and the magical powers that were long buried in the past.

Getting to the Thinblade was the first objective of the true heir to the throne. Now he has found the Sovereign Stone i.e something which has been lost for a span of two thousand years. The stone has revealed something about him which no one knew before. He happens to be a champion of the Old Law and this makes him the ideal one to rule the entire Seven Isles. David A. Wells has brought new energy in this third part of the series and the fans will surely love the way, the author has ended the show in the voice of Derek Perkins.

Thinblade and Blood of the Earth can help the audience to further understand the character of Alexander and his arch nemesis, Prince Phane. Both the characters are painted as determined individuals who are not ready to go down in competition. For them achieving their goal is everything and they just don’t want to get kicked out of the competition. Alexander does not possess the upper hand in the fight but he appears to be finding a way that can help him in winning the war eventually.

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    The Society of the Sword Trilogy

    Blood of the Earth


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