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  • Thinner By Stephen King


    Stephen King is capable of giving you a chilling and thrilling story even under a simple yet very meaningful title. This fiction, horror, suspense and fantasy-filled story named Thinner is not just a simple liquid thinner rather its named after the curse ‘thinner’ given to a lawyer by the victim’s father that will keep on thinning the flesh on the body of the lawyer until its gone.

    The story is written by Stephen as Bachman and he describes Billy as a healthy or we can say a fat bodied lawyer who gets engaged in manslaughter with his vehicle while killing a gypsy on the street who was a woman. The story turns and twists when the victim’s father curses the lawyer and he struggles to turn all things back to get out of thinning curse immediately.

    Thinner By Stephen King

    The struggle, the terror and the unknown evil that is keeping the body continuously thinning creates a heart-popping situation you might not be able to bear with but you may also have to listen to it till the end and you would never stop listening to such a compelling story for which you need to listen to its end. You can experience the pain, the terror and the uncertainty that keeps crushing Billy’s emotions.

    Joe Mantegna has given a thrilling feeling whole narrating the story in a naturally heart-gripping manner. You can feel living within the plot as things seem happening in front of you. Stephen has given many such stories as for example the Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Volume III, The Dark Tower I and It.

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