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Karin Slaughter is an amazing writer of mystery thrillers. Her modern detective characters are almost always larger than life and truly depicts her vast imagination and creativity in driving an engaging storyline. There are many novels from the author that will inspire you and would look even more pleasant in their audiobook versions. A couple of those highly recommended novels written by the author are: The Good Daughter and Pieces of Her.

Triptych is part 1 of The Will Trent Series by the author. The narration of this mystery thriller novel has been done by Michael Kramer, who is a very experienced narrator with a number of successful audiobooks to his credit.

A killer in this novel is seen crossing all the boundaries of race and wealth and that in the wealthiest suburbs of Atlanta with its exclusive housing projects. The people who are chasing him must also cross all these boundaries.

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One among them is Michael Ormewood, who is a renowned veteran detective and his marriage is hanging just by a thin thread. His explosive temper and his arrogance are threatening his career big time. A charming vice cop named Angie Polaski was once the lover of Michael Ormewood. This was long ago and before she became his enemy. Another player has also entered this game, which the other two are not knowing. He is a loser former con, who actually has stumbled upon the trail of the killer. All this happened in a totally coincidental setting. He might just be the key in order to make the case wide open.

It is a multilayered, but a highly interesting and fascinating story that comes to a great conclusion in the end.




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