Warrior of Woden

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Matthew Harffy’s war lord has survived everything no matter if it were threats to his life or wars with no way out. Treachery even failed to lay its hand on the warrior with zeal to survive. In many battles we assume that the end is near for the man but he emerges and that has been the element of attraction in the series throughout.

We see Beobrand fighting against the odds in Killer of Kings , Blood and Blade and in almost every other book. Beobrand is not only rich but he has a troop of his own that inculcates fear in the heart of those who dare to stand against King Ostwald. Having Beobrand in his arsenal Ostwald can lay waste anyone who stands in his way but not Penda a man who likes slaying kings. As Penda approaches the walls of the country Beobrand is called once again for a fight of a lifetime because this time the enemy is a demon who would slaughter each and every citizen even if he wins the war in the battlefield.

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Even the black-shielded warriors of Beobrand seem to have other views in this part because they have never faced an enemy so confident and cruel. Barnaby Edwards is carrying the series of warfare in a nice way; there is no flaw in the narration at any stage and in any part. It is one solid job by the narrator throughout.

This part surely is the most breath taking one in the entire series and if someone is a regular reader and fan this is a must have item for him for the weekend.





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