Waypoint Kangaroo

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The first chapter of a science fiction that is full of thrill and mystery is always a treat for the people who love literature with a spark. The story starts the series well and has everything one can imagine in a story. Thus it provides a surety that you wouldn’t get bored once so start flipping the pages.

Curtis C. Chen’s has given a nice kick to the series as this is the first one that starts the Kangaroo series. Kangaroo the master spy in the start of the story gets entangled in the most dangerous mission of his life for which he had to risk everything, a mission because of which the whole human race is at stake

Kangaroo after the completion of another successful mission at the start of the novel moves to Mars for a comfy vacation that he desired but on his arrival on Mars, he gets to know about a conspiracy that could start the planetary war once again between Mars and the Mother Earth.

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Kangaroo seems to be the only hope as he is not only a spy of first-class but also the only being who can travel to anywhere from anywhere as he can open a dimension portal in a parallel universe and can move to distant lands in an instant.

Even his superpowers seem to be worthless at the climax as he cannot stop a planetary war or cannot transfer the whole of humanity to a safe place at the time of war. The narration also keeps a good pace with the story throughout and P.J. Ochlan the narrator depicts the intensity of was in the right way in the whole novel.     

Many people also have liked and endorsed The Last Man – Vince Flynn and Kingdom of The Blind – Louise Penny as good stories.


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