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A Bear Called Paddington Audiobook

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    A Bear Called Paddington Audiobook Series Paddington


    Among the many adorable story collections, this one titled as A Bear Called Paddington is the Book 1 from the Paddington series written by the Author Michael Bond and beautifully and smoothly narrated by Stephen Fry who is capable of capturing the listener’s mind through the expressions that are used in the voice of narration.

    This is an enjoyable and well-written story of a bear who is found by the Brown family on the Paddington station and they decide to keep him with them and carry them to their house back. The bear has an adorable character as he tries to fit in the family and takes part in all of the family chores but every effort comes to an end in the form of an extraordinary adventure for the whole family.

    The family is willing to adjust the bear and they understand the bear is always willing to cooperate and it just happens unintentionally.

    The story has been written smoothly and the whole narration gives you a perfect, smooth and joyful feel as you listen to it until the end. So, you can find how the Paddington bear keeps on getting involved in the work and the routine tasks of the brown family. The involvement of the bear makes each and every moment of the life a memorable moment and each and every task that should be an ordinary one, but after the Paddington bear is there everything becomes an extraordinary adventure. For those who love this bear stories you can surely find more fun in the books that belong to the same series including Paddington on Top, More About Paddington, and Paddington Helps Out.

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