For Love of Evil

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Love has not worked very well for Parry because he has lost everything in his life. The young man has tried hard the achievement of his goals but he has not been successful. Deception and betrayals have taken everything away from him and he apparently is waiting for his death.

Not a very long time ago Parry was leading a very good life as he was training to become a musician. Also, he was learning the art to use White Magic at his will from a very good master. Then suddenly the world perished around him and there was nothing he was able to do. His beloved died in front of him and he lost all hope to live after that. Then in disappointment, he started slipping in the wrong direction. A demoness showed him the wrong path or perhaps the greed for power finally started taking over Parry’s mind.

Then on one occasion, Parry realizes that his reign is coming to an end and he would be going to hell after the end of this life. After much pondering, Parry realized that he has a way which can solve his problem and he would be able to live a life of immortality that way.

The task is simple i.e he has to defeat Lucifer and take over hell so that he can become pure evil himself. Piers Anthony never allowed the main character to slip to the wrong side in On a Pale Horse and Split Infinity but here the darkness comes over Parry because he loses all hopes. Though we see a different figure emerging at the end, for the most part, Parry acts as if the demoness has really taken over his mind.

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