The Flight Attendant

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Chris Bohjalian once again has used the element of chance and has tailored the whole story around it. The flight attendant Cassandra Bowden has nothing to do with the man who is killed in the story but still, she gets connected to the whole tale by chance and is placed in the central point during the investigations. One lie after another in order to save her makes the situation of Cassandra worse than ever not in the eyes of others but she in her own eyes is the sinner who might have killed the man in her drunken state. The typical life of a flight attendant is also described quite nicely, the way she likes the hangovers and after that feels guilty about it in the morning is part of her daily life. The thirst for alcohol to keep her mind quite is a natural element of all these things.

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The use of more than one narrator was quite obvious as there are different members of the crew. All the narrators Erin Spencer, Grace Experience and Mark Deakins have played their part well in describing the mental depression of the characters especially Cassandra, who is trying to remember what happened the previous day in her drunken condition but because of certain barriers in her mind she is unable to bring that memory back in her mind from her subconscious. Some elements are blocking her way to reach the plain truth. Everything in the story is described in its original form in the story the pleasures of life, the fear of lie and finally the riddle related to a murder. Though this story says a lot about how life changes, the author also has written stories like The Guest Room, The Sleepwalker and The Sandcastle Girls for those who want to listen to the unusual mysteries in this world.

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